Off Plover Street
Range - Danny: 082 976 6133
GPS: -26.3205702,28.4920973
About Us

About Us

At Blesbok Shooting Range we shoot for the fun of it.
We are a non-profit organisation, and funds received are plowed back into our facility for the benefit of our members.
Over a period of many years we have constantly improved our range to what we have today.
Shooters with any level of experience are welcome. A qualified range officer will be able to assist anybody on the range, and thus also making sure that the level of safety is always kept at a very high standard.
Rules are strictly enforced to ensure that it is safe for everybody at the range. We believe in "rather safe than sorry".
We are also proud to host other hunting and sport societies for those who need dedicated hunter status. Over the past year we have also offered various other hunting / shooting related training courses. (Advanced reloading, Meat processing etc.)
Weekend training camps are held for our youngsters so that they too can learn more about safe firearm handling and to enjoy the outdoors.