Off Plover Street
Range - Danny: 082 976 6133

GPS: -26.3205702,28.4920973
Frequently Asked Questions
Q: May I come and shoot rifle this Saturday or Sunday?
A: 1) There is a schedule on our downloads page to indicate if we would be shooting rifle, handgun or shotgun for the specific weekend.
2) The standard rule is to call Danny (082 976 6133) before (or by) the Thursday if you want to shoot that weekend to confirm if the range would be open. Sometimes there is no activity indicated on the schedule, but Danny would know if one of the Range Officers requested to open the range for shooting. The same applies to Sundays - not always indicated but sometimes available.
Q: Do you rent out firearms?
A: Sadly - No. You need your own licensed firearm and own ammunition.
Q: I have just received my license and need some help - It is my first time on the range.
A: We have a Range Offer on duty who will gladly explain the rules and assist you to help ensure it is a safe environment for you and everyone around you on the range.
Q: Is the range open during the week?
A: No, except for some public holidays.
Q: The Schedule shows "SA Sport & Hunters Federation" or SWP - Can I shoot with them?
A: Yes - The Range would be run under their command and Blesbok members / visitors may shoot too.
Q: I want to join Blesbok Shooting Range - How?
A:1) Download & complete the application form (available on the downloads page)
2) Make the payment - details on the application form.
3) Return the original form to us. (Bring it to the range or visit Danny)
4) Danny will issue a receipt for payment and allocate a membership number if the application is approved.
5) Willem will update the database and give your membership card to Danny. (Get it from Danny at the range)